Role-playing-games and practices for conflict-negotiators

Would there have been possible another ending for Cinderella? Or for Rosebud or for King Thrushbeard?

With the role-playing- and practice-book FAIRYTALE MEDIATIONS at first time it has become possible, to use well known fairytales as tutorial basis for professional conflict-negotiators.

With their FAIRYTALE MEDIATIONS the theologian Johannes Meier and the publicist Herbert Hofmann closed a gap in the specialized literature, to offer a role-playing-book, which can be used by Negotiation-experts, -trainees and interested laymen in the same way. For their Role-playing-games these two Negotiators and docents picked up the fairy-tales by the Grimm brothers.

The roundabout 230 paged book is designed by the communication designers Maren Luitjens and Sonja Vandrej.

Additional to the book, in Germany will be offered for new and for practicing negotiators a seminary at fairytale locations. The role-playing-games will be trained in tutorials.

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If you are interested in further informations about the FAIRYTALE MEDIATIONS and lizensing the book or the seminar to your country please write to Herbert Hofmann at info@mediator-online.com.

MÄRCHENHAFTE MEDIATIONEN. Das Rollenspiel- und Übungsbuch für Konfliktvermittler.